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Zero Defect in Packaging Printing

Continued globalization, rising demand for different types of packaging, and a shorter time to market are being accompanied by increases in complexity and thus the risk of errors in production operations.

At the Heidelberg Info Day on Zero Defect Packaging, our visitors experienced how easy it is to master this growing complexity by creating a smart print shop and using automated quality assurance solutions.

For example, by using a Speedmaster XL 106-6+L with the Prinect Inspection Control 2 inline inspection system. It can reliably identify even the tiniest printing errors on every sheet at maximum printing speed and remove the affected sheets via the waste ejector in the Preset Plus Delivery. The result: an error-free pile that can directly go to postpress. And postpress is key to quality control as well: by not outsourcing postpress operations, you benefit from time savings and enhanced quality. With the Promatrix 106 CSB and Diana Easy 115, we showed how to achieve maximum process reliability and develop professional postpress operations that fit seamlessly into the Push to Stop philosophy.

The value chain begins with the initial customer contact and ends with the job’s actual costing. This is why an integrated print shop management is essential and so was the workshop held on data based print shop management. Visitors learned how to minimize typical errors in job management, job preparation, and production, thus saving time and money and ensuring proven error-free production for customers – with intelligent data management and automation. Another example? How about navigated printing in large format? Fewer manual interventions, fewer errors: at the Zero Defect Packaging Day, visitors also experienced the unique performance potential of the Speedmaster XL 145-6+L in combination with the new Prinect Press Center XL 2 and Intellistart 2.


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